Five Ways To Land Your Dream Job With These Top Interview Tips

Five Ways To Land Your Dream Job With These Top Interview Tips

Interviewing for a new job is one thing that can make anyone be at edge. There's excitement, but there’s also nervousness; you have the feeling of eagerness, but you are also scared; you know you need to take deep breaths and remain calm, but the urge to hyperventilate and panic is always on the surface. This is known as the job before the job and it’s the first thing you need to get control of before you go in for that job interview.

Now, according to career experts, in order to land the job you've been dreaming about, you need to ensure that you are in the right frame of mind and you're well prepared for that one-on-one interview, video call or phone call from the hiring manager. Convincing a hiring manager to choose you for the job might seem like a tough thing to do, but with the five awesome guidelines we have listed below, you are sure to get yourself a new boss after the interview.


This is one part where a lot of interviewees lose it all. Ensure that when you are being interviewed, you go straight to the point; do not ramble while answering a question asked by your interviewer. When you provide long answers to questions, it usually shows that you lack confidence and you're quite disorganized. Instead, answer with knowledge and go straight to the point. The simple thing here is, if the interviewer is interested in knowing more, they will simply provide you with follow up questions. According to career experts, if you answer a question for more than two minutes, then your chances of getting the job drops.


You need to know every important thing there is to know about the company and the interviewer you are interviewing with. You need to be conversant about the industry you are planning to go into, and when answering questions from your interviewer, you need to be able to relate what you know or what you have gleaned from your research to the question. You can increase your chances of getting hired if you build a connection with your interviewer. Don't go in with the mindset of having a question and answer session; go in with the mindset of having an intelligent conversation with your boss to be.


A lot of people apply for different jobs but still submit the same cover letter and resume for each application. In order to land your dream job, you need to apply with a cover letter and a resume that matches the post, company, or industry you are applying for. A lot of interviewers go through resumes and cover letters so as to get an idea of the person they want to interview. Now let's assume you created a cover letter and resume so you can send it to a marketing firm, then you saw another offer in an IT department where your skills are still applicable, do not send the same CV and cover letter you sent to the first company to the second one. Instead, craft a resume that will match what the company is all about.


You might have come to the interview for yourself -so you can get hired, but the thing is, once you are in that seat, sitting before your interviewer, everything on your mind should focus on the needs of the interviewer and the company. Employers prefer to hire someone who they think can help them process their thoughts, come up with ideas, and help them execute their projects in a quick but comprehensive way.


Interviewers have been known to test people for their IQ. They would like to know how fast, accurate, and precise you can solve a problem, or how well you can handle a tough situation. So when the interview is going on well, they may come up with a weird question like "Pick the marker and write anything on the board". From the quoted statement, anything can be from your name to your place of schooling, your degrees, etc. But the truth here is, what you were asked to do is write "ANYTHING". A lot of people will fail this. Therefore, when going for an interview, you need to ensure that you are prepared for weird questions like the example above.

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