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Experienced executives

If you have had a successful career, have a strong network and are oriented towards servicing clients, then ETA may be the logical next step in your career. With us, you can join a highly motivated team, leverage our extensive network and global reputation, have the freedom to work independently, set your own goals and become a partner in our organization.

Executive search professionals

If you are already a successful executive search professional with a specialized area of expertise and a true entrepreneurial spirit, then this could be the opportunity of your career. With ETA, you can enjoy a truly meritocratic system, become a partner in our organization and earn a percentage of revenues generated.

Executive search business owners

If you are the owner of a successful search business and would like to extend your reach to the international level, now you can leverage ETA’s global network of partners to expand your scope of executive placement beyond borders. Explore how ETA can help boost your business to the next level.

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