Board Services

Boards are driving strategic and operational challenges increasingly by challenged share - and stakeholder groups who are truly informed and demanding. Hence their excellence and success is critical.

As organizations are discovering for growth and globalization, many of them are facing serious governance questions for the first time. Their task is complicated by regulatory developments whose pace and form differs by geography, ownership type and status. Further dilemmas surround the transfer of leadership from family or founder members to external professionals, or structural tensions pitching centralization versus decentralization.

Yet, despite unevenness, the underlying trend in global governance legislation is ticking up towards new and better standards, as national regulatory bodies look to the global picture for learning and adaption.

ETA works to ensure the design and implementation of diverse forward looking and connected boards. We act as a trusted Advisor to the Executive, Supervisory and Advisory Boards of dynamic organizations all over the globe, across a spectrum of industries.

ETA Board Services Offerings

  1. Appointment (Chairs, Independent Directors, Advisory Boards, Committees).
  2. Board Advisory / Board Effectiveness.

Our Approach

  1. Identify gaps in the skills, experience, demographic and cognitive diversity of the current Board.
  2. Identify management & leadership strengths.
  3. Identify requirements for new demographic profiles, specialist and technical skillsets.
  4. Integrate fast - evolving governance requirements and organizational strategy.
  5. Identify, assess and present Leaders for what’s next - board members who can flex to evolving strategic and operating environment across borders.
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