Five Ways To Improve Candidate Loyalty

Five Ways To Improve Candidate Loyalty

Every employer needs to learn the art of securing and improving candidate loyalty as getting a good candidate is very challenging in almost every industry. Employing good candidates is one of the things an employer looks out for during a recruitment program. While this is a good thing to do, most employers do not know that a good candidate can effectively select who to work with, and if they feel the company or employer isn't rewarding enough, they can move on to the next one as they never run out of options or offers. Therefore, as an employer or a recruiter, you need to ensure that you effectively secure the loyalty of these types of candidates in order to move your business to the next level. 

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Most employers want a quality service coupled with an immediate result; they want people who will act fast, come up with ideas to solve issues, and do everything necessary to ensure that the company grows. What they do not know is that in order to achieve this, you need to go through the process of relationship building. Gone are those days when employers showed nothing but client-centric attitudes, expecting candidates to be available at their beck and call. In order to successfully get the quality service you aim for, you need to ensure that you first improve candidate loyalty. And how do you do that? We have listed five ways through which you can improve candidate loyalty below;


Improving candidate loyalty starts from the first encounter. You need to start trying to get their loyalty as early as possible, else they may not even bother to come for your interview at all. Right from your first meeting with the candidate, you need to let them see how you are different, why you feel they are the best for your company, how you like to do your work, and how you'll like to work with them. If your good candidate has had the opportunity to work with a recruiter before, there's a possibility that they'll have some preconceived ideas of how the industry works. But by taking the knowledge a little bit deeper, you'll be able to create a bond with your candidate, thereby securing their loyalty right from the start.


It is true that there are a lot of jobs, companies, and agencies out there, but the thing is, most candidates are busy; all they want is just one reliable job, company, or agency that can find them a great role. Let your candidates know that you are reliable. Promising them the world and not delivering on your promises isn't what we are talking about. Just show them how much you have to offer, make them understand your offer, and you'll see them always coming back to you.


This is very essential. While it's important for you to inspire and excite the candidate with the offers you propose to them, it is also important that you do not promise them something you know you won't be able to deliver. Because should you fail on your promise, you'll be depreciated and you'll be seen as inexperienced and deceptive. Your candidate will portray you to the world as the worst in your industry as you have made them feel misled. Simply put, it will tarnish your image and damage your reputation.


Improving your candidate loyalty means providing them with support. You might be a very busy person who has less time to spend with their candidates. So how do you stay in touch with your candidates? You can employ someone to take care of this for you. This way, your candidate will feel like you really care about them. It will also ensure that you remain updated about their details, protecting the integrity of their data.


Giving them a job or finding them a job isn't where you should stop. You need to build a rapport with your candidates. Provide them with meaningful career advices, share your expertise with them, build a budding business relationship with them and you'll see them never wanting to leave you again.



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