How To Ensure Your Job Offers Are Always Accepted

How To Ensure Your Job Offers Are Always Accepted

So, you've been sourcing, screening, and interviewing a lot of candidates for weeks, and now, you have found the perfect ones to hire. All that is left to do is for you to provide them with the formal offer. You want to ensure that this talented person(s) doesn't slip through your fingers to your competitors but you are unsure of how to present your offer in order to captivate them.

While your offer may be good, you don't know the kind of pressure and obstacle that each candidate is facing. There are a lot of candidates that want more than just a paycheck; they consider other factors, such as the corporate culture, opportunities for career development, office location, friendly coworkers, and office environment. They are in search of something, and if your company cannot create an offer that would make them excited and curious, they may go off to your competitors with their talents, which you are in need of.

So, how do you make your these talented candidates stay? How do you get them to accept your offer and come exhibit their talents in your company? We have compiled a list of ways in which you can achieve this. Make use of our strategies and that candidate will be yours.


The first step to ensuring that your job offers are always accepted is to be respectful of your candidates' time. You need to ensure that you create a positive candidate experience by simply keeping your candidate informed and doing some follow ups. This doesn't imply that you offer them the job immediately, just ensure that the space between the time of their interview and your final hiring decision isn't too long. You can make them an unofficial offer so as to keep them around. Keep it in mind that since they are amazing talents, they are not going to wait around for an offer that's taking too long. So act fast and move fast.


You need to ensure that you stay in touch with your candidates. Doing this throughout the hiring process is very essential. It provides them with the ability to tell you about their concerns, and you, the ability to provide them with answers and solutions. Communicating with them also ensures that they feel confident about you and your company when they finally accept your offer and start working with you.

Always call them up or have one-on-one meetings with them. Extend an informal offer and talk to them about vital details. Don't make the mistake of letting the official letter be the first time they'll know about their salary, benefits, title, or growth opportunities. Because candidates can feel uncertain if an organization seems to neglect their individual and professional needs.


You need to know what motivates your candidate. What is that thing that drives him/her? What are the most important things they take into account when seeking a job? What is missing in their current company that they hope to find in yours? Once you are aware of the candidate's criteria, you'll be able to discuss with them and let them know how your organization can satisfy their criteria. Let each of your candidates know how your company intends to fulfil their specific preferences.

Applying all of these strategies into your employment process will make your candidates stick around as they will trust you and put their faith in your company. Use these strategies and significantly increase the chances of getting your offers accepted by all of your candidates.

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